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Natural Health Specialist

Karen Carbone is our newly appointed Wellness Center expert. Customers on the south end have known her for many years at The Korner Pharmacy. Karen has a 30 year background in nursing and has recently completed her education as a Doctor of Natural Health.

When asked about Wellness and Natural Healing Karen states: "Having been trained in, and practiced, traditional western medicine for years, I understand the value of that system. However, I have always felt that we could do so much more in the way of prevention. There are times when prescription drugs and surgical intervention are needed but there are so many more times that they can be avoided with healthy practices. It is my goal to help educate people on some of those options."

Karen is available for individual health consultations, by appointment, in the Wellness Center. She will be in the Oak Harbor store on Tuesdays and the Clinton store on Thursdays from 10am-3pm.  Karen is also experienced in Osteoporosis prevention and can perform Bone Density Screenings, by appointment.

Please feel free to ask Karen any questions by stopping by or calling during her store hours, or by emailing her directly anytime,