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Like you, we care about your family’s health. Due to the busy schedules of life today we sometimes don’t get the opportunity to obtain optimal nutrition. Our pharmacy has a desire to help address the potential health and nutritional deficits that and this program helps meet that need.

We are proud to offer “Nature’s Blend” brand of 30 count Children’s Chewable MultiVitamins, Prenatal Formula Multivitamin, and Theratrum Complete 50 Plus. Made in the USA by American Owned and operated National Vitamin Company which is licensed by and registered with the FDA.

Our pharmacy is offering a free MONTHLY supply of MultiVitamins to help aid in the nutrition boost you need. Bring in your special card and receive your FREE 30 count bottle of “Nature’s Blend” MultiVitamins. If you are signing up for the Children’s Chewables, your card will reflect how many you are eligible for based on how many children you have. Start saving today!


Click here to print the Healthy Family FREE Vitamin Program Application



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