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Free Diabetes Management Screening

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If you use a blood glucose monitor to test your blood sugar , we can provide reports and graphs that show patterns with your blood sugar readings.
What are the benefits to this service?

  • Helps you and your healthcare provider see patterns in your blood sugar levels
  • Helps you and your healthcare provider determine what changes can be made to improve glucose control
  • Helps optimize your drug therapy by keeping you, your healthcare provider and pharmacist up to date on your glucose control.

We provide:

  • FREE print out of blood sugar readings
  • FREE Pharmacist consultation
  • Diabetic Shoes covered by Medicare
  • Blood sugar tests (shows current blood sugar status and risk of developing diabetes)
  • Hemoglobin A1C tests (shows average blood sugar levels over last 3 months)
  • FREE Blood Pressure checks
  • Cholesterol Screening