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  • These tests give an indication of current and recent COVID-19 infections:
  • IgM is usually the first, specific antibody type generated by the body in response to infection. Then, the IgG antibody type is generated and replaces IgM as the predominant antibody in the response to infection ( 
  • Fingerstick performed by one of our pharmacists.
  • Wait 10 minutes for test reaction to occur.
  • Results transmitted to remote telemedicine doc for interpretation and consultation via their smartphone app.
  • $79.99, insurance NOT billed by pharmacy. Check with your insurance or employer for reimbursement options.
  • Our Covid-19 Antibody tests are administered pursuant to a prescription from Physician 360 - a telemedicine services. Please CLICK HERE TO INITIATE THE PROCESS!
  • FAQ Page on our test



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